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Early Years

Aimee Greenacre story, early years.

Hello, I am Aimee-Jean Greenacre, also known as Greenshaker, a nickname that was given to me for my love dancing and shaking my body on the dancefloor. Now the name has become synonymous with my deep reverence for mama nature and all things green.  

I entered the world in a burst of pleasure and joy, naturally via birth by orgasm. I believe my positivity and joy for life started from this moment. I’m a triple water sign with a Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, and Cancer rising. I'm deeply intuitive and highly emotional, feeling all the feels all the time. It's my superpower, and it has led me to the healing work I do in the world.

Born and raised on the beaches of Sydney, the middle youngest of four daughters, raised by health conscious and hippie parents. There was lots of dancing, singing, barbies, playing dress ups, dance concerts and plenty of emotions. We spent a lot of our childhood at the beach, where my love for the ocean began.

Our home was full and busy, we always had home-cooked meals made from organic food grown in our garden. Everyone was involved at meal time, making everything from scratch, salads, roasted veggies and homemade dressings, setting the table and everyone had to help clean up. Cooking and seated meals were a big part of our family.

My foundation of health and wellness is because of how my Mother raised us, as a remedial and aromatherapy massage therapist, she believed in alternative healing methods, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, and vegetarianism. She taught us the importance of prevention of curing an illness. If we were ever sick, which was rarely ever, she would tell us rest, drink water, eat very minimally until it passed. If we had something more serious we would have Chinese herbs and natural supplements to support our recovery.

Aimee Greenacre, the learning years

Learning Years

I had never visited a Western doctor until I was 16. As a young, skinny, very active dancer, teenage girl who had irregular periods, and sever teen acne. At that age, I was very awkward, and would do anything to fit in. I went by myself where I was prescribed the contraceptive pill, for my acne prone skin issues. This was my first introduction to the outside medical world, and I relied on this medication from the age of 16 to 22.

It wasn’t until the age of 22 I had an abnormal Pap smear, and had to under-go a procedure to have the cells lazered away from the lining of my uterus. To this day, I still remember waking up in the hospital, alone, naked under the hospital gown, and shaking uncontrollably. This was my first experience of trauma, where I felt like my womb had been disrupted. After the procedure, the doctor told me that I may have PCOS, and it was best that I went back on the pill. But there was this deep stirring in me that realised, the pill is what caused this issue in the first place. My intuition was strong, and I stopped taking the pill ever again from that day.

It took years to learn what my body needed, my hormones were all over the place, my skin issues returned, and it took a long time to heal. I am still recovering from this chapter of my life, which caused long term damage to my hormones, digestion, and gut microbiome. This is why I am so passionate about female health, and natural healing methods to the womb, digestion and hormones. Eating food for nutrients and vitamins, and seeking the root cause of a symptom before covering it up with a band-aid approach, like the pill.

Around the same time I graduated from the University of New South Wales, with a BA degree in Psychology, and developed an insatiable curiosity for understanding human behaviour and cognitive connection. After graduation, I worked in PR, events and marketing in the hospitality industry for over a decade. I had the opportunity to live and work in some amazing cities like Sydney, London, NYC, and Singapore, where my love for travel began. Today my greatest joy is travelling to new places, and immersing myself in the culture, the people, growing and learning from their wisdom.

Growing Years

Aimee Greenacre growing years

When I moved to London in 2011, I suffered from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The lack of sunshine and vitamin D made me feel depressed and anxious, which was a new experience for this happy sunshine child. This was where my personal spiritual journey began. I had to turn inwards to find the same inner peace I use to find at the beach. I started a regular daily yoga practice, it gave me the inner and outer strength, and it significantly increased my mood and happiness. It was also where I realised that not everyone shared the same beliefs or health practices as me, and this realisation motivated me to want to teach others about my upbringing.  

In 2015, I had the opportunity to move to Singapore with my partner, where I signed up to study Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition School. I also learned Hatha Yoga at a local Indian temple. I started journaling again and I stopped drinking alcohol. The more I was studying about health, the deeper connection I started to feel to my true self. I wanted to be present with what I was learning. I traveled all over Asia, immersing myself in the Eastern culture, philosophy, and learning to cook local dishes. I loved exploring new cuisines and discovering the power of food for flavour and it’s medicinal qualities. The experience was life-changing, and really set my life in a completely new and more aligned direction.  

One of the most surprising things I discovered about myself was how I was born. At the age of 29, my Mother and I were both studying Holistic Nutrition when I learned about my natural birthing method called "birth by orgasm." That's right; I was birthed into the world through an orgasm! It was an eye-opening experience that helped me understand myself, and made me want to learn even more about the magical wisdom and power of women and our wombs.

In 2016, a year later, right on my Saturn return, turning 30, and the end of my 5 year relationship. On a total whim, I decided to move to Los Angeles to launch my career in holistic wellness coaching. When I landed in LA, I studied with an incredible chef named Nicolas Torrent at his Natural Foods school named, Sol Culinary. Here I learnt about solar nutrition, how to use food for detoxification methods, and harmonising the body with the circadian rhythms of the natural world around us. Nicolas introduced me to the farmers markets here in LA, and making sunrise and sunsets a daily activity. I was pushed into the deep end by Nicolas, and started working as a natural food chef for his celebrity clients. It was a challenging and exciting time in my life, and I felt like I had finally found my calling, using my natural gifts by helping people heal their bodies and minds through food.

My career as a wellness chef took me all over the world, I had the privilege to cook for some incredible high net worth clients, flying on their private jets, or boats, to the most beautiful locations. With my decade of experience in events, it felt natural to launch my own Conscious Catering company, bringing together my love for cooking and hosting together. I am still passionate about cooking and hope to write many cookbooks from this chapter of my journey.

How I found my flow.

Find my Flow

My time in LA was all go-go, hustling, growing my business and working all the time. It wasn’t until my 35 birthday, where I realised just how out of flow with the direction of my life I was. Deep down I was single, lonely, tired, and exhausted. I was living to work, working week nights and most weekends, on someone else’s demands. I would escape on holidays any chance I got to recharge. My body was suffering I had severe joint pain in my wrists, arms and knees, from standing and chopping food all day. I had inflammation and looked constantly puffy in my face. My hair and nails were brittle and my stomach was bloated all the time. I was suffering from the most intense period pain episodes, where I would almost faint from the severe pain. I had to constantly take pain killers until the pain passed. My body was sending me some very loud messages, she was not ok. I was completely out of alignment - both physically and emotionally.

I needed to take some time off, to do some soul searching, to get to the root cause of what was going on. I took myself on my first solo, month long, vision quest to the amazon jungle in Peru. When I landed back in the USA with a new found mission to bring my life back in harmony with nature, it seemed the universe was supporting my prayer for a slower pace. With a forced slow down of a global pandemic at the same time. It was at the end of February of 2020, where I remember crying on my drive home from my chef job, I cried out for a change, and I got exactly what I asked for. One week later the world shut down.

It was the first time in a long time I was grounded at home, and feeling very centred in my dreams, passions and desires. I finally had space and time to explore them. Everyone else was also stuck at home, I was able to show up and be of service with my gifts. I started teaching cooking classes online, hosting digital dinner parties, partnering with wellness brands, and offering educational tips, on the importance of holistic health and the connection to mental health. I remember how creative and playful I was at this time, I planted my first garden at home, I was collaborating with friends, and found joy in the simple things again. I was booked to cook at more conscious events, I was spending so much time in nature and stepping more into my feminine thanks to my work with La Luna women’s retreats. This is when my body started to shift and change from the spark that had be reignited in me.

I was slowly moving away from cooking, and realised how much I love teaching, helping and guiding humans back to holistic health. I started writing more, and creating more online content. I continued hosting my monthly women’s moon circles in my home, and started a LA hike club to help people feel connection to nature and community, in a time of great disconnection. I finally started to feel a sense of flow.

When you are in flow, this is when you are blessed with more opportunities in alignment to your dreams. At the beginning of 2021, I had the opportunity to be part of the founding team to start a permaculture farm project in Ibiza, Tierra Iris. It has always been my dream to live on a farm and learn about growing my own food, and to teach about cooking from the land. This was when I officially stepped away from my private chef career in LA, and moved to Ibiza. From this time living and growing this project from the ground up, I was finally living in harmony with the cycles of nature. Watching the sunrise and sunset daily, swimming in the ocean, walking barefoot on the earth, and eating foods grown directly from the farm. Spending time with like-minded community all on a similar mission, to help bring humans back in touch with nature. From this place my body finally started to heal. The weight fell off me, my periods returned to being healthy and normal, and my skin, hair, and nails started to flourish. This was flow.

How I grow and will continue

My Flow Years

Since that time, I returned to LA and finally launched my women’s health coaching practice, this is the work I have knew I was always meant to be doing. Helping other women come home to their bodies, listen to their intuition, and guide them back to their flow. I am obsessed with the moon and the cycles of nature. I believe that women have an innate connection to the earth and that we can harness the power of the moon to connect with our bodies and minds. I love working with women and creating spaces where we can explore our wild and natural divinity.

The past 15 years, has been the most beautiful and challenging journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I have moved all over the world, in pursuit of my dreams, my passions, my growth and to deepen my practice to trusting flow. I have learned to come home to my own body, listen to my intuition, and move through the challenges to continue to create a life in flow.

I still have many dreams, one is to live on my own farm with my family called “The Greenacre” where I can start a school called “The Growing School” to teach people about the healing power of natural birthing, and living in harmony with nature. I believe that by stepping outside our comfort zone, asking the deep questions, and practicing what we preach, we can create the change we seek and live a life that is truly in flow.

Food has always been the foundation of my teachings, as there is a direct link between eating well and having a positive outlook on life to achieve your goals, and feel your best. If you don't know where to begin, start by eating locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and organic farmers produce. Or even better, grow a garden and learn to grow your own food. Every chance we eat is an opportunity to nourish our body and connect with our environment. We are living organism, we need sunshine, fresh air, time in nature and true nourishment. This is how you nourish your body to live in flow. Want to go deeper in your personal journey, reach out for a session - I want to help as many women as I can find their flow.