Aimee Greenacre
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Eat well.

Live Well.


Meet Aimee-Jean

Aimee-Jean Greenacre is an energetic and passionate health food expert.  As a certified holistic nutrition coach, wellness chef and conscious event curator, Aimee's mission is to bring people together by creating shared dining experiences and educating on the importance of eating real food as a way to heal, nourish and connect with your true self - and others. Her vibrant style of cooking has been influenced by her travels all over the world and uses locally sourced, organic, seasonal ingredients. Her signature style incorporates unique and colourful foods, herbs, and spices that make her food both incredibly tasteful and beautiful.


Curated Wellness

As a holistic nutrition coach, wellness chef and conscious event curator - Aimee spends her time curating wellness in many ways; hosting workshops, giving talks, writing wellness programs, creating retreats, recipe formulations and designing healthy menus for cafes and restaurants. Along with cooking for her private clients, group dinners, and healthy cooking classes. 


Conscious Catering

The term conscious catering was invented by Aimee, as she saw a need for health conscious food in the catering and events space. Aimee's services include designing a menu by including only the freshest local, organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. Along with hand sourcing the produce from the local farmers markets and sustainable fish and meat suppliers. She prepares and presents the meal with mindful attention to detail and plenty of love. 


Art of Entertaining

Having worked in the hospitality and events industry for over 15 years, Aimee developed an art for entertaining and loves creating beautifully curated events for her clients. She launched her own boutique wellness events + conscious catering company, where she brings a holistic approach to concept, theme and design. Along with creating an ambiance and energy with decor, music and service which leaves guests with an overwhelming positive experience