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Aimee knows that being healthy is not just about what you eat, but also about finding the balance and harmony throughout your life. She understands that there is not one approach to suit everyone. Her holistic philosophy is that every person is a unique individual, with unique backgrounds, upbringings, environments, challenges, and needs that all affect their most healthy self.

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Hello, I am Aimee-Jean, I want to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome. You have come to the right place to learn all about Holistic Healing + Natural Living.

I am equal parts a spiritual and practical teacher, offering a down-to-earth approach to holistic lifestyle. I believe, life is a beautiful dance of seeking balance over perfection. Where we gracefully embrace the polarities within us all — the masculine and feminine, light and dark, action and stillness, growth and reflection, highs and lows. This harmonious interplay is what I call living in flow.

My passion runs deep for helping women—just like you—tap into their true essence, find their unique rhythm, and remember what makes them flow.

Through holistic coaching and the healing power of nature, I help women reconnect with their inner wisdom and cycles, and get to the root of the physical and energetic blocks that have been limiting them from living their life on their terms.

No matter where you're at on your journey, know that every part of you is welcome here. It's never too late to rewrite your story and start to live a life in flow!

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“You often feel tired, not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you.”
― Alexander Den Heijer

What is flow?

Flow is a state of being where everything feels aligned and effortless, like you are gliding through life with ease and grace. It's a space where you feel connected to your true self, your intuition, and the world around you. I know the struggle of feeling stuck in a life that doesn't fulfil you, but I also know the joy of finding what fills my cup, how to harness your natural energy and inner strength, and using them as momentum to live in flow. By learning to listen to your intuition and make choices aligned with your purpose, you can create a life that feels easy, fulfilling, and true to you. Let me guide you on your own journey to finding what flow means to you.

I'm Aimee-Jean

A lover of mother nature, human nature and cognitive behaviour, I am dedicated to learning how to help women reach their full potential. Through my continual studies in spiritual psychology, mindfulness, embodiment practices, natural nutrition and deepening my gifts in intuitive healing. My wish is to bring harmony back to the feminine spirit, and a greater connection to Mother earths rhythms, cycles and healing elements.

I am a certified holistic health counsellor, intuitive healer, natural foods chef, solar nutrition specialist and women's transformation coach. My mission is to educate and empower women to take healing back into their own hands by connecting to their innate wisdom stored in their bodies.

Integrating my background with a BA in Psychology, IIN Holistic Nutrition training, Sol Culinary Chef training, and my unique upbringing in alternative healing modalities. I love to bridge the gap between ancient spiritual teachings with modern-day wisdom to help women let go of their past, understand their natural innate strengths and create an empowered and beautiful future.

Aimee Greenacre story, early years.

Holistic Coaching + Natural Nutrition

My coaching philosophy is founded in the belief that true wellness and balance can only be achieved when both your physical and emotional health are in harmony. Holistic health encompasses far more than just the food we eat; it requires finding balance in every aspect of your life. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to wellness, everyone has their own unique needs and circumstances. That's why my holistic coaching is designed as an intimate container, where the client is treated as in individual, recognising that there is no one diet, formula, or healing method that will work for everyone.

I specialise in helping women understand their unique operating system, to embrace all the parts that make them a woman. This means coming home to understanding their emotions, mindsets, physical bodies and their spirit, so they can acknowledge and release any negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns they may have inherited. Combined with holistic healing with natural nutrition and ancient wisdom practices, which helps them to step into loving the life they are truly meant to be living.

It takes courage, commitment and a willingness to dive into the deep parts of you. But, I know with the support of a Holistic Coach, to hold space for all of you, and guide you get to the root cause of what's blocking your flow, it is possible and also extremely beautiful to witness a woman come home to herself.

Nature is the answer
Collaboration is the sweetness of life.


Collaboration is the sweetness of life.


Collaboration is the sweetness of life.


Collaboration is the sweetness of life.


Collaboration is the sweetness of life.
Aimee Greenacre - Work together


What else brings me joy? I love creating offerings for people to connect, learn, and grow through wellness experiences. In addition to my private coaching practice, my personal offerings include hosting women's retreats, leading moon circles, exploring the farmers markets, co-founding a hiking club in LA, teaching mindful cooking classes, and fostering community connections.


Collaborating with others is what adds more sweetness to life. Partnering with wellness brands, conscious companies, and inspiring individuals is a passion of mine. If you're interested in creating something special, I offer tailored lifestyle content, engaging podcast discussions, hands-on workshops, inspiring women's health lectures, corporate wellness initiatives, and retreat planning and implementation services.


As a wellness chef, I have pivoted from private cooking, but offer natural nutrition services, providing seasonal menu planning, recipe development, training programs for natural food chefs, and group or private cooking classes - for individuals and corporate clients.


Let's join forces and bring your creative vision to life. I am open to collaborating with brands, businesses, and individuals who share my passion for wellness. Let's work together to create something impactful and meaningful for the world.

Contact me to discuss our next project.


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